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Take control of your share price with InvestorHub

Retail investors are responsible for up to 76% of your trading volume. Take control of your share price with InvestorHub: retail investor engagement through streamlined investor communications tools, an intelligent investor CRM, and capital raise services.

Sick of retail undervaluing your company?

Thanks to making retail communication simple and effective, companies on InvestorHub have more control over their share price.

More investors, less time.

Companies on InvestorHub save two hours per investor campaign and reach up to 9x more investors.

Identify & connect with retail.

Companies on InvestorHub increase investor engagement by an average of 2.2x.

Measurable investor marketing.

InvestorHub makes everything measurable, allowing companies to measure their IR ROI.

Retail engagement, unlocked.

Get more shareholders, reduce sell pressure, and build better shareholder relationships with the software that is built for the next generation of public companies.

Investor hub with questions and investor profile
250,000+Retail shareholders represented
£4bn+Total market cap supported by InvestorHub
33%Annual increase in new shareholders

Know your shareholders

Take the guesswork out of building shareholder relationships, send targeted investor campaigns, and understand your shareholders like never before with the InvestorHub CRM.

Investor profiles

Access detailed information of individual investors to know their contact details, holding details, behaviour, and sentiment.

Investor segments

Group your investors by location, holding size, holding length, profit/loss status, and more for targeted investor campaigns.

Investor insights

Gain actionable insights into your investors so that you can stop selloffs before they happen and strengthen your shareholder relationships.

Search your shareholder database
Profile for every investor

We love InvestorHub at Impact Minerals. It has totally changed our understanding of our shareholder base and how we interact with them.

Mike Jones - MD at Impact Minerals

For the first time, a platform has allowed me as CEO to interact, communicate and market to my own shareholders in a simple & easy to use way.

Iggy Tan - CEO & MD at Altech Group

The insights and analytics provided by InvestorHub enables us to continue to grow our shareholder base despite difficult market conditions.

Don Smith - MD at Tempest Minerals
Analytics of investor hub performance
Engaging on the investor hub

Build an investor community

There are thousands of would-be investors that have your company on a watchlist, read your news, and participate in online forums. Now you can bring them into your own investor community.

Interactive investor hub

Interactive investor hubs are out-of-the-box investor centres that make it possible to build a highly engaged investor community.

Investor campaigns

The bespoke investor marketing campaign suite allows you to measure the impact of investor relations on shareholder demand.

Investor analytics

Measure the ROI of your investor marketing and investor relations activities on investor demand.

InvestorHub is our most efficient tool that optimises the way we engage all our shareholders.

David Prentice - MD at Brookside Energy

Where CFOs have Xero, advisors like me have InvestorHub. The investor analytics & communications tools have proven incredibly valuable to me as an advisor.

David Batista - Senior MD at VIRIATHUS

Investor marketing needs to be top of mind for any issuer looking to reach their investors. I'd recommend InvestorHub as the perfect place to start.

Noel Ong - MD at Taiton Resources

With a dedicated support resource, you'll never hub alone

InvestorHub has a dedicated client success team that is focused on helping you and your investors realise value from our software. Whether it's setting up your hub, providing templates for newsflow, or identifying insights in your data that will help you make a measurable impact on shareholder demand, your dedicated client success manager is only a phone call away.

Staff photo.png

Create more newsflow

Create a newsflow plan to increase the quality and quantity of news.

Reach more shareholders

Optimise your newsflow so it reaches up to 9x more investors.

IR on autopilot

InvestorHub saves an average of 2 hours per investor campaign.

Understand your data

Create a company-wide understanding of shareholder data.

Two-way conversations

Have two-way conversations with investors, at scale.

Measure your ROI

Understand the return on investment of your investor marketing.


Is InvestorHub new?

InvestorHub is new to the UK, but we work with over 50 companies in our home country of Australia.

Is InvestorHub local?

Yes! We have a dedicated UK team on the ground in London.

Does InvestorHub work?

The data from our Australian clients shows that, on average, InvestorHub companies gain 33% more new shareholders for every year they use the product.

How secure is InvestorHub?

We're in the process of achieving SOC2 compliance, meaning your shareholder data is locked down tighter than 2020.

Does InvestorHub replace IR?

This depends on the size of your company. Smaller companies typically use InvestorHub instead of IR, whilst larger companies use a combination of both.

How much support do I get?

InvestorHub has a dedicated client success team that focuses on providing premium client support. Whether its setting up your hub, providing templates for newsflow, or identifying insights in your data that will help you make a measurable impact on shareholder demand, your dedicated client success manager is only a phone call away.

What size companies use InvestorHub?

Whether your company is worth £1m with 500 shareholders or £4bn with 50,000 shareholders, InvestorHub gives you the tools to take control of your share price.

Take the first step towards more shareholders

Our discovery calls are all about getting to know your business, understanding the hurdles you're facing, and providing honest insight into where and how we can help.

No hard sell, no jargon, just a friendly chat about you, your company, and how we might make your listed experience better.

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